ACOEM Recommendations on Opioid Prescription

William D. Jones, a self-employed MD in Oklahoma City, OK, stays active in the professional community through posts as secretary and treasurer of the Oklahoma College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, a branch of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM). ACOEM and its branches provide support for MDs including William D. Jones in OK and elsewhere through public policy advocacy.

ACOEM has commented recently on opioid prescribing activity, an issue that has taken on new importance in the midst of an opioid abuse health crisis. Opioids often play a role in occupational health recovery, but can be overprescribed by physicians who are not monitoring a patient’s progress in rebuilding daily functional health. ACOEM hopes to see new guidelines place a greater focus on patient outcomes, with a reduction in the importance of pain scale responses in prescribing opioids.

The organization also suggests working to center more care efforts on functional outcomes, even if opioids are not involved. Working on this element of medical care could improve overall performance in the healthcare industry even in cases which do not call for the use of opioids, according to ACOEM.

William D. Jones MD (OK)

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Occupational and preventive medicine physician William D. Jones, MD, has practiced from a private office in Oklahoma City, OK.