Drills for Softball and Baseball Batters

Oklahoma City, OK-based MD William D. Jones has been a self-employed medical professional for more than 20 years, focusing on occupational and preventive medicine. William D. Jones enjoys playing softball and baseball during his spare time, and has participated in these sports since 2011.

Almost every baseball player needs to be able to swing a bat effectively. Batters should vary their drills to get the most out of each.

One of the classic drills, the dry swing, involves swinging a bat at empty air. The lack of a ball makes it easier for batters to focus on the mechanics of the swing itself. While this might not improve accuracy, it will improve footwork, hip movement, and posture.

The Fungo swing can help build the accuracy the dry swing does not. In this drill, a coach or partner slowly tosses balls, and the batter hits them with a similarly short swing. Here, batters focus on landing their swings in the “sweet spot” of the bat.

Finally, for building swinging power and muscle engagement, a heavy or weighted bat can be useful. Increasing the weight forces the muscles to engage and encourages swings with better follow-through.

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Occupational and preventive medicine physician William D. Jones, MD, has practiced from a private office in Oklahoma City, OK.