The Irish Setter — Exuberant Temperament and Personality

William D. Jones, MD, practices preventive and occupational medicine in Oklahoma City, OK. In his free time, William D. Jones, MD, serves as the secretary of the Irish Setter Club of Oklahoma (OK).

The Irish setter has a cheerful and outgoing personality. The dog matures slowly and for this reason is often known for its puppy-like behavior, yet it is extremely intelligent and highly trainable. An owner must be firm yet gentle in order to earn and maintain its trust, and consistency is key. The Irish setter will learn exactly what the owner teaches and will learn it thoroughly, but it has a mind of its own. An owner must be on guard in case the dog decides to assert its independence.

Fiercely loyal nonetheless, the Irish setter is a reliable companion both at home and on the hunt. It enjoys regular outings and requires a great deal of exercise. However, because the dog’s hunting instincts make free roaming dangerous, the owner must be sure that all running areas have boundaries. The Irish setter also enjoys regular accompanied runs and walks, particularly if one of its humans is by its side.