How Long Weed Stays in a Consumer’s Body

How long does weed stay in a consumer’s body is determined by a variety of reasons. To start with, it depends on the conditions of the consumer and how often they smoke weed. As the consumer continues to smoke marijuana, the more THC accumulates in their system. And the more intake, the more time it will take to be cleared out of their system. How fast a consumer can absorb THC will also affect how long the substance stays in their body. There are other crucial factors involved, too, which include how the user will be tested. With all these factors, this article will discuss how long weed stays in a consumer’s system using blood and hair drug testing method. Read more great facts, click at this website here.

Hair Drug Testing Method

As far as the issue of how long does weed stay in a consumer’s system continue to be a puzzle, hair is often a major concern. There are doubts about whether hair drug testing is accurate since weed is said to have a prolonged detection window in hair. Following consumption, all standard hair follicle drug tests are more interested in looking for the presence of weed within three months.

Doctors usually examine a short hair sample extracted close to the scalp as hair grows at a fairly standard, constant rate. With the sample, they can be able to gauge your overall health and see what you have taken over the past ninety days. What the doctors will test is subject to what was ordered in the test, therefore, if you are not being tested for weed, you do not have to worry. Cannabis metabolites will be detected in hair within a week following consumption of weed, but the hair drug testing for weed is rare.

Blood Drug Testing

While blood drug testing method may not be common, THC and its metabolites do not stay in the blood for a long time. Instead, the cannabinoid compounds are found in fatty spots in a consumer’s blood. For single users, it takes up to 24 hours to test positive for THC in the blood, for regular users, it takes up to 3 days but for heavy users, the detection period is one week.

Weed stays in a consumer’s body longer than all other substances because it amasses in the body fat. On the other hand, an individual is said to be high 12 hours after consumption. Please view this site for further details.