About William Doonan

William Doonan is a tax attorney based out of the Bronx. For over 35 years, William has dedicated his time and expertise to his clients. Before opening his own tax business in 1981, Doonan spent many years as a teacher.

William Doonan went above and beyond when it came to teaching. William was constantly finding new ways to motivate and encourage his students. More than anything, William wanted his students to be excited to come to class and learn something new. William would often go out of his way and spend his own money to buy prizes for his students as a reward for doing their homework or reaching a new goal. His teaching style and enthusiasm for learning was beloved by both his students and his coworkers.

After teaching for quite some time, William Doonan decided to pursue a career in law. While he taught during the day, William would go to Brooklyn Law school at night.

Since opening his own business, William Doonan has served a number of clients ranging from, teachers, nurses, construction workers, police officers, firemen and more! William has gained a new perspective into the roles of the New York community and feels honored that he can help out the community his own way.

William specializes in itemizing returns for Civil Service workers. With each one of his clients, he educates them on what expenses they can write off and what they are entitled to. Civil service workers can write off a number of things, including their union dues, uniforms, supplies, business phone calls and more. By William educating his clients, he helps them save money and focus on things more important matters like families.

When William Doonan isn’t working, he loves to spend time at the beach. He goes every day unless it is tax season! During the 1960s, William was a lifeguard at the Orchard Beach in the Bronx. Even today, William still considers this job to be his favorite. As a lifeguard, he learned many valuable skills from CPR to teamwork to time management.

William Doonan is also a supporter of local and municipal organizations. At the YMCA in New Rochelle, New York, you can find a plaque acknowledging William Doona’s charitable donation. William loves to swim laps in the pool during the colder months. He stresses that staying active is essential in keeping up a healthy lifestyle. If he is not swimming, you can find William taking a stroll around town.