How to Close the Sale - A Winning Guide to Salesmanship

Salesmen and women all try to get their customers to buy their products for one reason or another. The best salesmen and women get their customers to buy their products because they need them. The best sales professionals don’t convince their customers to buy products and services, they merely show them the best services and products available to solve their problems. Here are a few tips to help you sell more products and services:

  • Stay away from the dreaded product seminar. Your customers didn’t come to your store for a seminar in exchange for theater tickets. Refrain from droning on for hours explaining all of the great features of your product. Stick to the main selling points and answer questions.
  • Find out if there are any barriers to your prospect walking out with your product. Hopefully you have established a rapport and a sense of trust between yourself and your customer. Nudge them along by asking if they have any impediments in purchasing your product.
  • Give your customer a call to action. This is a tactic usually reserved for webpage copy, but it works in face-to-face interactions as well. Invite your customer to take action to solve their problems by purchasing your product. At the end of the interaction, you should be presenting them with a clear choice — to buy your product.

William Gholson is an experienced salesman at a local auto parts store in San Antonio, Texas. He has worked at the same store for twenty years and is known in the community as an automotive expert.