NASCAR Weekends with William T. Gholson and Family

NASCAR is huge in America. Some people don’t get how exciting it can be to watch cars go around in circles. Other people can’t get enough of it because there is so much more to it than meets the eye! William Gholson belongs to the latter category, and his family loves being along for the ride.

The Gholsons try to hit a NASCAR event every year or two as cost-efficiently as possible. Tickets can range from $60-$600 depending on the race and the seats, and then there is travel costs to consider. The nearest track to their San Antonio home is the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth which is about a four-hour drive. To save a few bucks, they take their camper up and get ready to tailgate! It is cheaper, closer, and a heck of a lot more fun than staying in a hotel. Plus, even when they decide not to splurge on tickets, they can still enjoy the atmosphere while watching the race on TV or listening on the radio.

There are always vendors to sell gear to support your favorite driver, but Gholson’s daughters love to sneak peeks of the actual drivers when they are being interviewed by the SPEED channel and others. No matter what, there is always a way to feel close to the action!

While races are always exciting, last year William Gholson’s family pitched in and bought him a ride-along experience. He got to sit in an actual Sprint Cup stock car while a professional driver sped him around the Texas Motor Speedway! Maybe in a few years they will save up so he can drive one himself.