William Gholson — Starting Your Own Used Auto Parts Business

William Gholson is an expert salesman who deals with auto parts, including used ones. If anybody knows what it takes to develop and run a successful business, it is him.

Market Research

Like any business idea, the creation process of a used auto parts business should start with market research. You want to know how many similar businesses operate locally, and you want to know how well they are doing. Today, you can find lots of relevant data on the Internet.

Develop Your Basic Business and Marketing Plan

How will you run your business? Are you prepared to market it? In order to run a business like that, you will have to rely on a line of supply. Finding the people who will supply the shop is one of the most important tasks.


Paperwork can be a drag, we all know this, but it’s required if you want to run a legitimate business that has no legal holes in its operations. In most states, you are only allowed to buy and sell parts with a license.


As you probably heard, the location of a business is crucial. Without the right location, earning a significant profit cannot be a realistic goal.

Once It Is Up and Running

You have the location, you have the right design, and you have the supply. The rest comes down to your ability to effectively run a business. This includes connecting with other businesses and buying vehicles which you can take apart for their parts.

William Gholson is a popular mechanic and auto parts salesman in the San Antonio area.

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