Unit of Value™: A Framework for Scaling
Jerry Chen

Jerry, your post is simply brilliant and extremely thought provoking! I commend you for writing and sharing this. It’s very timely.

I’m in the middle of planning what I hope to be a very disruptive force in the b2b procurement sector here in the EU. It’s not a cloud storage application but I can relate to much that has been written . There’s plenty to think about and your post has opened up a number areas that need further thought .

My biggest concern are the likes of eBay, Alibaba and Google (potential loss of advertising) entering with similar type services. So naturally the thought process moves to what point do you go to market. Open up quickly and drive interest pre launch by focusing on one or a few b2b sectors? which may alert other players. Or build/test the platform for all sectors populating a business database (millions of EU businesses) before opening up publicly and going to market? The latter requires alternative funding requirements.

It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the right time to go to market. Not necessarily in my case but for a potential business that may catch the eye of large tech firms.