The Obama Administration Needs to Stop Blaming Israel for Palestinian Terror
Marco Rubio

It is not just the Obama administration calling attention to these ‘settlements.’ Both the UN General Assembly and International Court of Justice have commented on the illegality of these Israeli colonies from the West Bank to the Golan Heights. These are CLEARLY illegal by almost every definition stemming from a basic understanding of international law, and are nothing but a land-grab by Israel in order to control more resources. If Mexico decided they need more fuel and began settling in Texas to ‘drill baby drill,’ I’m fairly confident the citizens of Texas would take up arms against the invading force. Diplomacy should always take precedent in these situations, but when one side doesn’t follow the agreed upon law it’s hard to not at least understand the frustrated, uneducated response of the Palestinians. Terror is NEVER the answer, but extreme poverty and prestigious will inevitably breed other extremes.