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The Certainty of Uncertainty

We all certainly want to be happy and when we do find happiness-

-we certainly want to keep it.

Is it possible to have a Life with both Happiness and Certainty? Can we escape the grasp of Uncertainty?

Life of Certainty without Suffering?

Despite having the best intentions, in wanting this certainty, we introduce fear and anxiety into our lives.

Wanting certainty in Life becomes a paradox.

Where do we want certainty:

  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Careers
  • Happiness
  • Peace of Mind

But to want certainty with any of these, we also fear:

  • We won’t find a partner.
  • We fear family issues.
  • We won’t have enough money to survive.
  • We fear sickness and death.
  • We fear judgement.
  • We fear unhappiness.
  • We fear a life of chaos.

Even when we do achieve a level of comfort, we fear losing what we have achieved.

This is the cycle of suffering. The cycle of want and desire for certainty moves hand in hand with suffering.

Our conditioned ego-mind buries our own innate knowing that ALL is impermanent. We try to attach, latch onto, hoard, hold and grasp onto what we think will bring us joy.

Unfortunately, this only brings us suffering- as nothing stays.

Letting go of the Need for Certainty

We must turn the desire for certainty on its head and appreciate the beauty of uncertainty.

Some exercises to try:

  1. Concentrate on your breath
  • When we breathe in, our breath is born and when we breathe out, our breath dies.
  • We must understand that our next breath is never guaranteed.
  • We all live under the assumption that we will be here in the next moment. Make an active effort to let go of the idea of certainty of life itself.

2. Concentrate on the body

  • Feel the skin.
  • Touch the flesh.
  • Find the bones beneath the surface.
  • Imagine how the body will look after death.
  • This body dies into each moment. Hundreds of billions of cells die each minute of every day.
  • Know that this body WILL get sick.
  • Know that this body WILL grow old.
  • Know that this body WILL die.
  • Know that everyone we love WILL also die.
  • Contemplate this each day to reinforce the impermanence of the body.

3. Concentrate on Materiality

  • Ownership is a concept of mind and has no inherent Reality, so don’t create mental attachments to material goods.
  • Wealth does not equate to happiness.
  • Wealth can be lost as quickly as it is gained.
  • Materiality is at best a temporary distraction from fear.

4. Concentrate on Relationships

  • All relationships will come to an end- perhaps some only in death, but they will all end.
  • Love is the foundation of existence, so to seek certainty of Love in a relationship is wrong view.
  • Seek the Love within us first and allow our Love to remain with us throughout all of our relationships.

Moving beyond the Grasp of Ego-mind

The root of our desire for certainty is the ego-mind. Our compulsive need for permanence in Life is born out of the mind’s illusion of separateness. Feeling alone- we fear that we won’t have enough, that we won’t be good enough or that we won’t be accepted.

Some ways to loosen the ego’s need for certainty:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Contemplation
  • Compassion towards others
  • Kindness
  • Love

True Nature IS uncertainty.

Life IS uncertainty.

Existence IS uncertainty.

When we have released our need for certainty, Life opens up to us in Its Infinite possibilities. To come to accept “not knowing” is to rest in the wisdom of uncertainty.

Uncertainty brings a certain excitement to life- coming to a full acceptance of What will Be.

We are Love Itself.

We are Life Itself.

We are the uncertainty of this Now.

Rest happily in full acceptance of the uncertainty of each moment…