16 Weeks Post Micro-Fracture Knee Surgery

Starting to get a little bit of my mojo back which is good because that surgery really took the wind out of my sails big time. Still having a hard time going up and down stairs unassisted and can’t run or do barbell work in the gym but I can do the following:

Elliptical machine, row machine, stationary bike, road bike, some calisthenics, dumbbell work, bench supported upper body, sled pulls, rope work, most ab work outs, water exercises, and of course push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups.

I should be able to start a slow jog to run program in the next 8–12 weeks which is very exciting. I miss running the most and think about it often. Have not been able to run for over a year now and I miss it everyday. Wasn’t exactly Steve Prefontaine when I ran, was more like Fred Flintstone in shape and speed but I enjoyed running none the less. Can’t wait to do it again even if it’s like 50 feet, then 100 feet, then 200, and so on. Just want to move my feet without feeling like I’m being stabbed in the knee with a steak knife for the love of God!

Still active with PT and performance coach. Dropped like 10 pounds and down 5% body fat. Cut out fried foods and excessive amounts of booze. Eating more veggies and less processed carbs. Eating right and a comprehensive exercise plan works.

For a while I’ve fought to keep a recurring thought from surfacing in my mind but often times I fail because it is so true: if a zombie apocalypse occurred I would not be able to run away and I would be eaten for sure. The more realistic and more terrifying thing for me is the thought that I am unable to physically defend my family or to carry my kids from a burning building. All these scenarios have induced an emasculation of my formerly hair covered and sweat drenched knuckle dragging ego. Quite honestly it has been a good thing and as much as it pains me to say I feel like the outcome has been personal growth. Also have experienced a significant increase in love and respect for my wife who has helped me in more ways than I can describe all while taking care of the children and our home. Sponge baths are pretty cool.

So it’s good, getting a little bit of my mojo back.

“I’m going to work so that it’s a pure guts race at the end, and if it is, I am the only one who can win it.” -S. Prefontaine

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