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Concur, it was unfortunate to see a big reformer like Scott Walker take the side of establishment Republicans over Trump in Wisconsin. The establishment Republicans abandoned Scott Walker 3 times and he still bowed down to their throne. Trump may not be as principled as Cruz or Walker but his “hands” are just as big and their not tied to special interests. Plus, I just like Trump more than Cruz. Trump shoots from the hip on things like abortion but at least he doesn’t sound like Ted Cruz who is just a well polished politician spewing politically correct drivel. The cadences, the pauses for applause, the one liners, the feigned indignation. I just don’t buy it from Cruz and if you put him on mute along side Hillary they look the exact same on television. Neither gives a shit about American voters. They care about 3 things: Money, Power, and Control.

Side note: Recommend adding the Glenn Beck Blazers and the religious right to your list of the aggrieved.

Thanks for the good read, nice to see something with grit on Medium.

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