How to make alcohol work for you
Ben Whittle

Good advice Mr. Whittle. Alcohol is a strange drug compared to the rest of the herd. I think what makes it more acceptable in society, aside for being legal, is the fact that you can gauge the amount you consume with relative ease. Most other drugs give you the full affect with 1 or 2 doses. Not the case with booze. I can go hard in the paint and get hammered in a couple hours or take it easy and actually enjoy my evening. Another big problem I see is the propensity for booze to serve as a coping mechanism to medicate a source of pain in ones life. “I drink because I’m unhappy, I’m unhappy because I drink” terrible cycle that kills thousands every year.

Talking with friends, exercise, therapy, and sometimes anti-depressants are much better ways to cope with pain then to systematically destroy ones liver.