95% of women won’t be in a combat role, just like 95% of men who I imagine you would be equally…
Luke O'Malley

Thank you. I appreciate your feedback. You do not understand the policy that is being enforced here and you misunderstand my position. I’m not talking about women serving in the military. I have no issue with anyone serving in the military as long as he/she can meet the standards for admission. I am referring to the policy that the secretary is enforcing which specifically opens all combat MOSs to women and enforces women working in units that are specifically designated to fill that roll. The physical work spaces of these units are essentially large locker rooms where service members store their gear, prepare for training, clean equipment, and recover from training events or deployments. The policy is not only enforcing women serving in combat MOSs (military occupational specialities) such as 11B Infantryman, 11C Mortarman, 13F Forward Observer but also enforces women working at the company level as supply clerks, Commo Chiefs, arms room clerks, and training room support.

Judging by your response I assume you have never served in the military or in a combat unit. I assure you that I’m not talking about MOSs and units that conduct logistical support or medical support. I’m talking about units and job specialties that do nothing but train to kill people and seize terrain.

My comments are gritty because people can be delusional and easily swayed by media (Hunger games, Divergent, GI Jane, Starship Troopers etc…) into thinking that women can and should be doing these types of jobs in the military.

Suggest you go see a recruiter, sign up as an 11B and see for yourself. I think you will likely come to the same conclusion as I have.

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