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Exactly on script for a white nationalist agenda. What a tragedy. Just as in Nazi Germany, the wealthy decided to finance and promote a party to offset the influence of mainstream politics, which supports social programs. They succeeded, and were delighted until no one was safe from the lunatics they unleashed on the world.

The wealthy in the US have been following that same playbook since Goldwater, retrenching after a weird Nixon, and back to business as of Reagan. Unions and labor are dead, support for social programs destroyed among racists willing to cut off their nose to spite their face, and all financial and environmental regulations in retreat.

The fat cats in the US are now able to trash the joint, claim compensation (as in 2009) from the general population for any of their Wall Street casino losses, and be secure in the knowledge that they have local and national politicians in the GOP eating from their hands and well-trained to do their bidding. Neofeudalism is just a few more dirty fixes around the corner.

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