Text-to-Speech in Swift in 5 Lines

  1. Create a new Single View Application project in Xcode.
  2. Add the AVFoundation.Framework to the Project’s Linked Framworks and Libraries.
  3. Import AVFoundation in the ViewController.swift file.
  4. In the ViewController.swift file in the viewDidLoad function, add the following code:
// Line 1. Create an instance of AVSpeechSynthesizer.
var speechSynthesizer = AVSpeechSynthesizer()
// Line 2. Create an instance of AVSpeechUtterance and pass in a String to be spoken.
var speechUtterance: AVSpeechUtterance = AVSpeechUtterance(string: “This is a test. This is only a test. If this was an actual emergency, then this wouldn’t have been a test.”)
//Line 3. Specify the speech utterance rate. 1 = speaking extremely the higher the values the slower speech patterns. The default rate, AVSpeechUtteranceDefaultSpeechRate is 0.5
speechUtterance.rate = AVSpeechUtteranceMaximumSpeechRate / 4.0
// Line 4. Specify the voice. It is explicitly set to English here, but it will use the device default if not specified.
speechUtterance.voice = AVSpeechSynthesisVoice(language: “en-US”)
// Line 5. Pass in the urrerance to the synthesizer to actually speak.

6. Run the application and you will hear Siri speak your custom text.

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