Everyday when we get up from our beds and prepare for the day, we are making a decision. The choice always presents itself to us, but it’s up to each individual to choose to accept it or not.

Most people choose to be oblivious to the choices they make. They make decisions not in line with creating bright futures, but for momentary indulgence.

I am as guilty as guilty as charged for doing this which is why each day I always strive and force myself to do things which might not give me pleasure or make me happy at that moment but, impact my life for the best in the long run.

Wise choices are not easy to make, but then again worthy things are not easy to attain.

Today I was watching a movie called The Fault in our Stars. The movie was about a love story of two teenagers. One had cancer and the other was a cancer survivor (who eventually “got the touch of cancer” again).

I can’t get enough of watching this movie because it’s very thought provoking. It dives into love, life and loss in the most amazing way, different from all the movies I have watched. I love “different” because it distances me from life’s clichés.

There is a scene where Hazel (played by Shailene Woodley) gets into her car after burying Gus- the love of her life and is followed in by Peter Van Houten. Peter was a prestigious writer who they loved because of the book he wrote about cancer.

Peter had treated Gus and Hazel horribly when they visited him at his residence in Amsterdam through an invitation, looking for answers about what happens after the book ends. Him entering the car really disrupted Hazel’s emotions because of that encounter.

As he proceeded to give her the answers she and Gus had long sought for, he mentioned something called the Trolley Problem, which caught my attention.

The Trolley Problem is a thought experiment. It talks about decision-making, morality and ethics. It basically argues on whether one sacrifice is better than the other.

We need to properly check our choices. The choices we make, impact us in great ways and sometimes we are oblivious to that notion.

Choices need to be made whether we like to admit that or not.

When you are not making a choice, you are making a choice.

Life will always corner you into a situation. That situation will require you to sacrifice one outcome for another. In that moment you should always remember to hold on to your principles and beliefs.

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