Photo by marc liu on Unsplash

It’s interesting that there are certain things in life we overlook. We minimise those things but in actual fact we should maximise them, because they cause a huge contribution to our success.

Over and over, the human race seems to perceive failure in a very negative light. In many people’s lives, failure is regarded as a disease. It is perceived as something to be avoided at all cost and at all times. But should that really be the case?

All that we are, all that we become is predicated on failure.

It means that to be as successful as you want to become, you have to learn to view failure in a different light. See the opposite of what the world sees.

When people see it as a barrier, see it as an opportunity.

When people see judgement, see great lessons.

When people see time wasted, see time well spent.

It always make me happy when I see myself fail at something. It’s not that I set myself up for failure but I know what failure means to me.

To me it symbolises success. It allows me the opportunity to try again. It allows me the opportunity to go back and see where I went wrong and rectify those flaws. It gives me the opportunity to think. Being a “thinker” and all, that is satisfactory.

There are many who have failed and gave up. There are people who had dreams they wanted to make come true, but at the sight of failure they quit on themselves and their dreams.

Their dreams could have come true if they just tried again- just one more time.

The best way to prepare yourself for failure is to adopt a positive mindset. A positive mindset will take you a long way. It will give you the tools you need to withstand all that comes with failing.

You have to define failure in a way that it goes against all convention. You have to see in failure what people don’t see.

You have to perceive it in the opposite manner of stereotype. The world likes to function (a lot of times) in a stereotypical manner. People try to make themselves feel better by “playing it safe.” Many people don’t want to take leaps of faith, but instead make decisions based on a worldly view.

Although there are some positive aspects that come from viewing life with a worldly view, there are negatives that overweigh them. The world is corrupt in many ways than 10. Many things are going wrong because people’s actions are controlled by the opinions of others.


Fail more often. Allows yourself to fail by taking risks that will propel you towards making your dreams a reality. Never mind what the world says, because what you want they cannot make come true for you- only you can.

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