Many successful people in the world always talk about failure. They outline the fact that it leads to success and it is a great teacher, and who am I to argue against that. Yes, I do believe failure teaches us a lot about how we should do things in life. The most important and yet cliché thing to understand is that ‘failure can either make you or break you.’

How people chose to respond or react to failure says a lot about their character. Some people look at failure as a learning tool and while some as an impenetrable obstacle. This brings me to the [“fail-loser” and “fail-learn” mentality] topic. People who have the “loser” mentality accept defeat and have no desire to persevere. Those that have the “learn” mentality are have the tenacity to succeed and persevere.

To achieve the “fail-learn” mentality you should do what follows:

• Be fearless

Fear is unacceptable. No one in the world should be fearful. In all aspects of life no one should be scared to do anything. Fear is an evil predator that aims to build a barrier between people and success. It preys on people that lack courage and the will to succeed. I myself have once been overpowered by fear. I prevented myself from experiencing a lot of things in my life because I lacked the courage to try, fail and learn. I lacked the will to persevere and overcome the obstacles in my way.

That being said I learnt a lot from all that. I learnt that being fearful starts in the mind. Once you think about the negative side of achievement, you increase your level of fear which will ultimately control your actions.

What we think about is what manifests into our lives. –Ps At Boshoff

Fear kills faith and confidence. It takes away peoples’ willingness to be great; to be life changers. If there’s one thing I know about fear is that it can be overcome. It is an obstacle that can be wiped from our lives by merely deploying positivity.


Regrets don’t change what has already happened. They just harm our brain cells and take people to early graves. Reminiscing on the past to think about what you could have done differently is a waste of valuable time. It slows down productivity and progress.

Regretting the things of the past can become detrimental to the future you’ve always wanted. A future of living lavishly, being able to afford anything you desire, supporting your family financially, building a multi-million rand business that will get a feature on the Forbes magazine. Living in the past hinders your progress. Take a stand and you will persevere.

• Allow only positive influences in your life

Positivity in its own right can take you far. As I mentioned earlier on, positivity can help you overcome fear. Allowing negative people in your life is a risk. It is a risk you should not take considering that your future is at stake. Negative people only bring negative energy.

They always see life in the negative light. They have no will to take chances and the desire to be champions. They will always drag their feet and will want you to do the same. Those kind of people are an unnecessary force to be reckoned with. They will slow you down and take you down with them.

The media also plays a role in influencing people. Millennials have the tendency to follow wrong things being portrayed as ‘right’ by the media. They allow themselves to be influenced by wrong popular beliefs than the right ways of life. This leads to many failing in life because they are “trend followers” not trend setters.

Life is binary. You’re either willing to lose or win- there is no in-between. Just remember not to blame anyone but yourself for the way your life turns out.

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