William Lehutjo
Jan 13, 2018 · 3 min read

Success is connected to doing things that are not fun for the moment. It is connected to channeling your energy into completing that task that gives you agony and lack of enjoyment.

Success equals sacrifice. Most times we don’t want to miss on something that will make us happy for a little while for something that will benefit us in the long run.

From all the blogs and books I read that talk about success, there seems to be a common denominator- sacrifice. Sacrifice sometimes is not fun- It does not makes us happy and excited. Instead it makes us sad and mad.

Basically you cannot be a very successful person in life without asking yourself which matters more.

Is it watching TV instead of doing your school project?

Is it going to a party instead of reading a book?

Is it being a couch potato instead of going to the gym?

We should all ask ourselves questions like these. The thing about life is that it rewards action and effort. If you put your best foot forward, you will be rewarded.

No one wants to reward someone who just wants but never gives. The universe won’t reward a person who just makes excuses but wants a piece of the pie.

The piece of the pie is for those that show to be worthy of a piece.

Today my uncle asked me wash his clothes for him. As you can imagine, the idea of doing some else’s laundry is agonizing and one would be reluctant to do it. I said no at first but eventually (after thinking about it for some time) I changed my mind and decided to do it.

I don’t do other people’s laundry for them but something in me just said, “William just do it.” Of course I was thinking of the reward that would come with sacrificing my time for someone else. I proceeded to wash the clothes although a voice in my head was disagreeing with my actions.

As challenging as it was to shut out that voice, I finally conquered it. I started to fully focus on the task at hand, rather than my reservations. Two things were happening in the process of washing the clothes:

  1. I was being active

2. I was doing something for someone else- I was adding value to another person’s life.

It sunk in that I was putting another person’s needs before mine by doing something which might have not given me pleasure at the beginning. It’s important for me to add value to people’s lives because all greatness is predicated on that.

Success will require doing things which don’t give us momentary pleasure but benefit us in the long run. If we can all try to master that, we will experience success in abundance.

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William Lehutjo

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Love discovering new things | Hoping to inspire people to change their mindsets to experience extraordinary success

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