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The 3 Components of an Effective Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are a powerful part of any marketing campaign. But it’s not enough to just slap together an infographic and call it a day. Consumers are less likely to part with their personal information now than ever, so how do you make something they’ll deem worthy of the exchange?

There are three key components to keep in mind when putting together your lead magnet:

The content is easily consumed.

Unless you’re an influencer with an established following, chances are low people will be interested in your multi-chapter ebook. Creating an infographic or guide that is short, informational, and easily-applied is best. Not only does it dramatically raise the chances that people will use it, but they’ll probably tell their friends and colleagues about it, too. Win/ win.

The content is evergreen.

Speaking of win/ win situations, there are a host of benefits to ensuring the content you offer is as timeless as possible. But maybe most importantly, it means that the information in your lead magnet has ongoing benefits for the people who apply it. It also means that you don’t have to do much updating as time goes on.

The content encourages people to come back.

The more times someone interacts with your brand, the more likely they are to become a customer. By creating an evergreen lead magnet, you create a resource that people will come back to time and again. As they continue to return to your content, they’ll continue to associate your brand with expertise and reliability — and become more and more likely to purchase from you.

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