How to Change the World with UBI

(Universal Building Neighborhoods Income, or Universal Biking Income)

What’s the worse than can happen to a human being? Boredom and Pain

What’s the best you can wish for a fulfilled life? Love and work

UBI works, as pointed by Peter below

The only problem is the impact of idleness on people’s mental health

When unemployment rate is up 1%, admission to mental hospitals rise by 5%

If there is no doubt that giving money to people directly is the most efficient way compared to other bureaucratic solutions, the only problem left is how to keep people busy with a sense of direction.

So I had a dream about what could solve this problem:

In this scenario, streets become common territories as 90% of space will be freed up by autonomous vehicles, managed by collective intelligence thanks to Blockchain technology:

Cost of living is demonetized for core needs (Shelter, calories, security..)

People can earn local currency by adding value to the community with new kind of jobs ( green farming, community service, street learning circles )

Decentralization is achieved via ridding smart bikes that provide free Internet to the community ( sustainable mining mechanism to achieve trust and Human connection)

Life is like riding a bicycle

And that could be the premise of the future of UBI

Universal Biking Income

Happy cycling