That Was Then, This Is Now: It’s Time to Unveil the New Us

It’s been an amazing wild ride — with the up and downs that only the best rollercoasters can provide. After leaving the corporate marketing communications world in very late 2007, Williams Group Public Relations made its debut several months later in 2008. Our first client was secured, then before we had a chance to catch our breath, we landed another client. And, so it began.

We constantly say, “You never know where you’ll find inspiration”. Inspiration can sometimes hit you like Mike Tyson’s right hand. You can be inspired while drinking your morning coffee, while sleeping, or in the midst of a spin class. For us, “that moment” happened on a lazy Sunday morning walk with the dog while listening to a podcast story about the latest Star Wars movie. The story mentioned a place where the film was pieced together, the frame shop. The inspiration lightning bolt struck, hard! But, before I jump into that chapter I need to step back.

Over time, it had become clear we had “outgrown” our name. We were no longer just a Public Relations agency. We were much more than that. The team’s experiences morphed us into a kick ass marketing communications agency, we provided our clients services beyond PR. Williams Group Public Relations provided traditional PR, media relations, event and marketing and branding support, and social media — to name a few.

We had been strategizing and game-planning for this moment for more than a year. It began as a casual conversation, follow up calls, brainstorming, researching and gathering information. There was genuine reflection regarding our need to create a name that captured what we now were all about and how we could continue to help our clients reach their intended consumer audiences. But, we were determined not make a change just for change’s sake. The new name and direction needed to really inspire us — that was critical!

With all of that we finally narrowed it down. What is it that we do? We are storytellers first. The team interviews our partners and helps frame their stories in a newsworthy way that helps consumers understand who they are. There are many ways in which we accomplish this. We create the structural framework that clearly explains to the masses who our clients are and why they should care about their products. It is important to help shape and guide the frame work to provide strength and viability to our partners and friends company and portfolio of products.

Thus, The Frameshop — a marketing communications agency was born. We are excited to unveil our new name and logo today and will be rolling-out other day-to-day aspects soon.

Be sure to join us on this next chapter as we continue to help our clients move beyond the clutter and noise and grow their businesses. Feel free to reach out to us at