I am Free! (not so soon…)

That was what I told myself right after I had finished the 7-week training in Denpasar, Bali. I am free! I can finally spend my time on something that is my passion. I can do morning jog, learn how to cook, create startup business, learn languages, and the list goes on and on. I was happy at that moment.

I was a full-time employee. I worked from 8am-5pm Mon-Fri, not until I received an acceptance letter for my scholarship application. I left the company in less than two weeks after I received that letter. Not because I could bear the work pressure no more, but because I need to attend a training arranged by the scholarship committee. Surely, as a gen-Y who have been working for four years, this freedom (unemployment) is maybe one of the things that we always dream to have.

I could picture myself being productive, doing all sort of things that I would like to do. However, two weeks had passed, and I did not do anything productive. I had spent my time mostly on browsing, playing games and watching TV serials. I was in an “enjoying life” mode that time, persuading myself that I should give a little treat to myself after all the hard work. And I enjoyed it so much, that I unconsciously prolonged the relaxing period from two weeks into three or four weeks. The longer I stayed in this comfort zone, the harder it was for me to be “sober”. My body was giving me a “LAZY” signal, telling that it was still okay to procrastinate. Or in other words, my to-do list could wait another day.

Too bad the good days should be gone. I came across an article about time matrix, and it helped me to sort things out and be productive. What I had to do was sort my tasks into four different priorities, namely: 1) Urgent and Important, 2) Not Urgent and Important, 3) Urgent and Not Important, and 4) Not Urgent and Not Important. Once I finished filling in the time matrix, I should then start by doing tasks in priority 1, then tasks in priority 2, and so on. This way, I could at least stay productive the whole week.

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