August 15th 2016

I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging for quite awhile now. Sometimes I think sure, maybe there are people out there who would find my everyday life amusing and worth reading about. Then there are other days where I think no way, you’re crazy, no one would want to hear about that. Well this past week my thoughts were on the foremost idea. So this is what is happening, I have decided that I will be writing once a week at least, probably (but not guaranteed) on Mondays.

Just to give everyone a clear indication of what they are in for I can make the promise that I will never ever be consistent in the content that I provide. Sometimes I will write about things that happen, will happen or have happened in my life. Other times it will be rants, raves or opinions that I hold. Sometimes it might just be crazy talk. No matter what I come out with I do hope that at least one person out there manages to stay awake while reading. For all the rest that do fall fast asleep. Sweet Dreams!

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