Its a known fact that staking WillowCoins is the best way to produce passive income in a unpredictable market despite of the market fluctuations. Willow stakes at approx 2% a day. These stakes can be sold daily or left to compound in your wallets. But did you knew that for as little as 5$ or less you can safely stake your coins 24/7 365 on a personal server without the need of keeping your PC on? This way of staking is more convenient and economical.

To do this a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is used, which is a virtually accessible…

yesterday on 10th April 2020 some coin misplacement problems were reported by few of the POW miners. This issue was quickly addressed by our development team and it was found that WillowCoin Blockchain was attacked which resulted in a chain split. Quickly the community was informed and steps to move to the right chain was posted in our discord server.

Not many coins were lost in this incident and the few coins that were lost will be compensated to the miners from the coins reserved for development.

To avoid any kind of attack which could effect willow in future, we…


WillowCoin is a High-POS cryptocurrency Blockchain which aims at proving generous returns to investors via proof of stake algorithm.

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