A good fire makes a big difference when using a coal forge. First, it’s important to separate Green Coal, Coke, and Clinker.

Coal Fire

Green coal is dark grey or black and the surface has a slight sheen. It gives off a yellow green smoke when burned. It’s not ideal to start a fire with because it doesn’t light easily and takes a long time to heat up, but it helps maintain the fire for long periods of time.

Lloyd Johnston

Coke catches fire easily and radiates the most heat, this is ideal for starting a fire. Coke is usually lighter in colour and has similar characteristics to Styrofoam.

Clinker is the remaining material after coke burns to ash. It loses the ability to burn or provide heat. It actually absorbs the heat from the fire, which cools it down. In order to maintain a good fire, the clinker should be removed.

First Year Class

By Zara Wexler

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