How to turn $30 USD into 68,000 views on Snapchat

This weekend we uploaded a filter to an area around the Sydney Harbour. A bar with an incredibly scenic deck that boasted great cocktails and great people. When we initially approached them about Snapchat marketing (specifically Snapchat geofilters) they were unaware but excited. We got to work doing what we do best. Designing a top-notch geofilter for patrons of the Opera Bar to use, geofencing the best possible area where maximum filter-usage would occur, and then adhering exactly to the Snapchat guidelines for geofilter submission to assure that the clients geofilter would be accepted in time for the festivities.

The weekend passed as we spent time refining our sales process, getting cool haircuts, and barbecuing out in the perfect Sydney sun. Much like it always does, Monday came around and we were back on our laptops creating filters and serving our clients as the faithful businessmen/women that we are when an audible “gasp…” came from over yonder.

The Opera Filter was uploaded for a mere $30 US and had gathered over 68,000 views in less then two days.

Now, I’m not sure if you understand what how marketing works but a $30 investment RARELY results in views of over 68,000 and not only that, these views came from people who were staring at a screen and NOTHING ELSE when their beautiful eyeballs gazed upon the Opera Filter (and more importantly the Opera Bar Logo).

Here are the keys to the kingdom for Snapchat geofilter marketing:

1. If you are thinking about using a geofilter to advertise then find a premium location where photos/videos will be taken. Monuments, famous statues, beaches, etc…

2. Find the right time when people will be there

3. Create an incredible geofilter that people actually want to use. If you put a water-themed branded geofilter in the desert no one will use it…

4. Promote it any way you can. All social platforms “We have a geofilter in downtown, go use it and get a chance to win free s***!”

Snapchat geofilters will someday be expensive, however, that day is not today.

If you have an event, internal marketing campaign, or any occasion where HUMANS WILL BE TAKING PHOTOS/VIDEOS then it is worth spending the small amount of capital to get your brand on Snapchat and in front of the most ACTIVE USER BASE IN THE WORLD.

Get your designer to build you a filter or get us to make you one. There is no excuse for your brand to not be on Snapchat.

The end.