This cuboctahedron represents a new dimension of my creativity.

I built a Cuboctahedron out of wood which transforms into other geometrically balanced shapes.

My friend Brian tutored me on how to build this shape, which was a lot of fun to go through and then figure things out on my own.

The Cuboctahedron is a whole shape… It holds a Vector Equilibrium
This is when the energy inside the geometric 3D space is whole. From a mathematical perspective, all the vectors from the points connect to the center of the shape while all having the same length. Buckminster Fuller named it in 1940 after discovering it in 1917.


It is the geometry of what is called the ‘Unified Field’, also called the ‘Vacuum of Space’. 
This Unified Field holds infinite potential and according to contemporary physics, holds an infinite amount of energy.


I am interested in Vector Equilibrium because I feel that it contains secrets of creation within its dynamics.

In the video, I demonstrate a couple of ways the shape can be used… but it can be used in so many other ways.


This is my first study of the Cuboctahedron in a 4D space. Physical ‘reality’ is said to be in 4D because we interpret physical reality in 3 tangible Dimensions: x,y,z axis. The 4th Dimension being time… or memory, as time does not exist. What I notice is more like a sequence of still moments. Just like an animation.