Forces of The Light

An Immersive Sound Reactive Light Experience by WILLPOWER STUDIOS, curated by ARTCAMPAiGN Berlin.


It encompasses 3 individual installations:

1. Dimensional Door

A portal to another dimension. Imagine who you want to be, then walk across the Dimensional Door portal to become it instantly.

Photo above by Gustav Moorhouse
Photo above by Gustav Moorhouse
Walking through the Dimensional Door portal.

2. Pyramidal Light

It is inspired by the fact that the Pyramids of Giza contain the same materials that are used for electrical conductivity today while their tips align to Orion’s belt, where ancient civilizations that were seemingly using technologies beyond the ones we have now, communicated with and harnessed energy from the constellation.

Photo above by Gustav Moorhouse

This installation was a last minute idea. I didn’t know if I would have the time to do it…

At some point, I nearly gave up due to challenges but decide to keep going.

What inspired me to do it is a sketch I drew in 2014 of light beaming out of pyramids, to show how they were used as inter-galactic energy devices.

My friend X brought her Quartz Point by intuition and this is what happened.

3. Holographic Universe

The title is inspired by the understanding that physical ‘reality’ throughout the Universe is holographic. Objects appear to float while the beams travel through space. All is reacting to the sounds of humans and the environment in real-time. The Universe being holographic hints that our perceived reality is projected by our consciousness…

Videos and images of the process

01. Pyramidal Light

02. Holographic Universe

Bo is a genius !

03. Dimensional Door

All images and videos above -> by WILLPOWER STUDIOS

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(The images below were found on pinterest)

Sources of inspiration for the ‘Pyramidal Light’ Installation

Sources of inspiration for the ‘Dimensional Door’ Installation

Sources of inspiration for the ‘Holographic Universe’ Installation

The images are different than the book ‘The Holographic Universe’ which is more about how physical reality is a projected Hologram.

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