Still of Catwalk while I am Performing Music with Real-Time Interactive Projected Visuals.


An Immersive Catwalk

Video of the Immersive Catwalk. PUMP UP THE VOLUME, PUSH PLAY.

Music + Visuals + Software by WILLPOWER STUDIOS

Performance by WILLPOWER LIFEFORCE (William Ismael)

I was commissioned by POP UP Fashion Berlin to create an Immersive AudioVisual Performance as part of their Catwalk (Fashion Show) at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE in Berlin.

The collections were from various designers.

I created visuals based on nature to express the power and lifeforce found in plants. They are living beings which give us oxygen, nutrients, heal us, make us happy, provide our bodies with negative ions and much more.

Living in a urban environments not engulfed in nature, I am creating a world where we live in harmony with nature while at the same time advancing technologically. This is possible.

It’s called Post Apocalyptik because it seems that it would take industrialized nations to destroy themselves to let nature take over again. We don’t have to wait for this pessimistic outcome to occur. We can save the planet by becoming one with another, living in harmony between ourselves, the animals, and our environment.

The egotistical pursuits distance us from love and turns our daily activities into acts of destruction towards ourselves.

Biodiversity is the nature of Earth. Just look at nature, the plants, the insects, the animals, the flowers, and of course, humans…

Why separate humans from everything else when we are all connected ?

Why separate races when we are all one ?

How much destruction and depression will it take for us to awaken to love ?

I hand drew the illustrations with on a WACOM tablet, which were then used in the software I created to animate them via hand movements and sound.

I control the Animated Visuals with a Leap Motion Controller which is an infrared sensor.

I write the code to attached the animations to the flow of my fingers, hands, and sound.

I compose the music and play it live while conducting the visuals.

This track is from my album LIGHT WALKER

Special Thanks to POP UP Fashion Berlin for making me a part of FASHION TECH, an amazing event !

Big Thanks to Tony Bar (Anthony Constans) for capturing me in action !