A Visual & Sonic Experience

Video directed + shot on an iPhone + edited + music by



The Human Voice & Music are creating the projected environment in real time, making it immersive and physiologically impactful.

3 Projectors were used to create one image of 8 meters wide.

I developed this voice / sound generated Art Installation. It reacts to the human voice. It reacts to sounds. It creates very abrupt graphic animated visuals. What is magical about it, is the size it holds in a space. The environment lives and is reactive to what is going on. It is a way of visualizing sound and the human voice.


I danced in front of the projection as a Performing Art piece.

The typographic animation of the title SOUND FOREST at the beginning and end of the video was created by me yelling. My voice created the graphics.

What I find powerful about writing code to create Art is that I am now using my voice and hand movements to create visuals.

For the Performing Art, I played music to generate the projected visuals and danced to express myself energetically via the body.

I create an infinite amount of composition by just speaking. The Future is Now. Remember the days of creating vector art using a software? Well those days are over when you start creating graphics and animations with your voice, sound, and audio.

To create this installation, I wrote a program in Processing (an open-source programming language based on Java) that uses the decibel levels picked up by my MacBook Pro’s internal microphone.

I want to create this type of installation for public spaces, festivals, on stages, clubs, underground subways pathways, airports, lobbies, hotels…

This work feels really good. I feel like I’m getting to a fun place with my work. After all the work I have been putting in for so many years, everyday and every moment, I see the progression. The Spatial Art and the Music are merging and it feels really good because music is my longest art form. I come from the Hip Hop Kulture. I grew up in Union Square Manhattan during the birth of Hip Hop in the 80’s. I started Deejaying at 11 years old on Technics. I started taking my hip hop song writing seriously at 13 years old. I have been rhyming since then, thinking that music was going to be my career. When I got a taste for the music business, I realized that it was not the reason why I was doing music, so I have been doing it but without performing for people to discover me. Now I can see things going to a theatrical, dance, musical, interactive, and projected type of performance. It is truly amazing. This is where following my heart got me, and I am infinitely in awe for the magic of life.

I created the music video below with this installation for my song God Body off my album Universal Beings.

Credits for the Music Video:
Recording Artist + Performer: WILLPOWER LIFEFORCE

Credits for the song:
Mixed by Jake Kasheta of Cappa Regime

I edited this video while having no roof over my head due to a lack of funds. Luckily, Starbucks was open all night. Green tea kept me going as I edited all night. Night time is the best time for me to work, as the day is full of distraction and a non-harmonic energies. Although being in a state of homelessness is challenging to say the least, I looked at the bright side… I made art !

Lyrics for song GOD BODY:

When we’re walking through the party
Eyes on us coz we’re god body

Verse 1:
Make my entrance
Feel my presence
I feel your essence
My senses
Are flying through the whole room
Deejay turn up the volume
Ecstatic dancing
Energy bursting
Throw up ya hands and
Sweat is thrustin
I’m jumpin up
And down turnt up
2 chains flying
Bodies gliding
And colliding
I am sliding
Across the floor
Deejay bring it back
bring bring bring bring bring bring it back

When we’re walking through the party
Eyes on us coz we’re god body

Verse 2:
Everyone here as I can see
Got their own individuality
I can feel everyone vibrating
At a high level of energy
Exchanging smiles look deep in eyes
So much fun I’m bouncin 2 drums
Make sure you let loose let it all go
Including the fear forget the ego
If they gon judge then they gon judge
But we don’t care we way too bugged
We camed here to dance like we’re crazy
Celebrating life baby
Much love to the feminine energy
That is present here, he he he here
Women are the essence of life
So beautiful shining their light
You are my biggest inspiration
Giving birth to a new generation
When we’re walking through the party
Eyes on us coz we’re god body
Verse 3:
Love being outdoors plus it’s night time
Colors everywhere as lights shine
Goddesses everywhere around
Dancing sexy to the loud sound
Very colorful light projections
Huge led screens with animations
They are wearing beautiful costumes
Moving to electronic tunes
Dancing with glowing hoola hoops
I see short skirts and very tall boots
Glow in the dark bracelets moving
Positive vibes yeah we’re grooving
Everything is in slow motion
I am flowing like the ocean
Off the pacific coast highway
Everyone here’s on the high way
If you get my drift on that one
Life to me is about having fun

When we’re walking through the party
Eyes on us coz we’re god body

Artwork + Music created on my MacBook Pro in the streets of Los Angeles while being homeless.