Creator of Worlds

MultiDimensional Artist / Nomadic Off Grid Futurist

AudioVisual Light Artist & Performer / Composer / Creator of Worlds / Architect of Interactive & Immersive Spaces & Sound / Creative Technologist / Creative Coder / Maker / Hacker / Researcher / Storyteller / Motion Designer / Futuristic Artist / Multi-Dimensional Creator / Musician / Fashion Artist / Entrepreneur / Light Worker / Healer / Plant-Based Nutrition Expert / Spiritualist / Earther / Universal Being / Health Researcher / Technology Researcher / Herbalist / Open Source Health / Child of The Sun

WILLPOWER LIFEFORCE Searching for the Vector Equilibrium in a Cuboctahedron

“We are diving into beauty. Welcome to a new dimension, where you are free to truly be.”
~ Willpower LifeForce

Creating Visual & Sonic Experiences by Software Engineering Apps.

– Immersive Audiovisual Performances to Illustrate Powerful Life Changing Stories with Projected Visuals + LED’s. Creative Coding using sensors to make them interactive to my movements, the sound of the audience and the Music in real-time. Dance choreographed moves to tell a story in sync with the projected animations / music.
– Magical Worlds of Spiritual / Sensory enchanting journeys: Interactive Environments and Installations.

Using architecture + building Sacred Geometry based structures to create Interactive Immersive Environments.

“The music is as important as the visuals.
As a musician and a Creative Coder, I do not see a separation between ‘disciplines’ but an opportunity to unite them.”

Business: creation@willpowerstudios.com

Website: WillpowerStudios.com

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Portals: Berlin / Paris


Audiovisual Performance in Miami where Hand Gestures and Music to Animate the Visuals.

The Immersive Audiovisual Performances and Interactive Environments open a new dimension in the psyche, where through the stimulation of their senses, the audience enters a new reality of wonder.

Immersive Performance: Animating visuals with sound and hand movements on stage

Writing software to create Innovative Visual Graphics, Animations, and Interactions to Perform my Music, do Projections on and within Architectural Spaces as well as built Structures, and creating living worlds where interactive walls, sounds, and lights take you to a new planet.

Animated / Sound Reactive Visuals for DJ — Watch It

“My work is inspired by my heart. The heart connects us to our spirit. So do our intuition, gut feeling and emotions. Our actions play a vital role in the fate of humanity and the environment. I realize that I have an impact on the planet, humanity, and thus the cosmos. I chose to purposely not do projects for certain companies and institutions whose motives are polluting the atmosphere, torturing animals and selling the most unnatural lab fabricated disease generating chemical-based products.
As a human living in the West, I am interwoven in many of the things that from my observation, are destroying us as human beings, as well as animals and the ecosystem of the planet as a whole. The industrial revolution came with a heavy price of mass pollution and extreme toxicity. The dichotomy is that I love technology. I live to find a balance in my own life. What role do you play in humanity’s history ? The moment you realize that the power is within you and not external, you start taking actions towards the reason why you are alive here on earth. I work to bring humanity together because we are all connected… as one.”

Willpower LifeForce performing by waving his hands to conduct the projected animations — Watch It

What is your purpose here on earth in this incarnation ?

As humans, how do we live in harmony with our environment, while advancing technologically ?

How do we live in a biodegradable & conscious way ?

Interactive Environment triggered by sound in real-time — Watch It

“In the mid-eighties, I lived in the heart of Hip Hop Kulture, and it hit me in the heart when he was very young. The sound of Hip Hop Music resonated with my soul more than anything else on Earth at that time.
I started Deejaying Hip Hop records at 11 years old living in Union Square West, Manhattan.
I did Graffiti in the Paris subways at 13 years old while also break dancing. This is when I started writing Hip Hop songs daily to artistically express my frustrations with the limitations of society and an educational system which turned people into sheep unknowingly lead by fear instead of love.”

“We are not separate. We are all unique and biodiverse while being interconnected to all of life.”

Audiovisual Performance during Fashion Tech event at Platoon in Berlin with POP UP Fashion Berlin — Watch It

Born on the French Riviera in Toulon, France. Raised in Paris, Milan, New York, and Los Angeles. Lived in Miami and floating between Berlin and L.A. for several years.

Graduated from Art Center College of Design attaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with Honors.

Finalist of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards in Interactive Design.

Interactive Installations in New York, Paris, Berlin and Miami.

Immersive Performances in Berlin & Miami.

Self-taught in Programming (C++, GLSL, Java, JavaScript)… learning through autodidacticism. Living to tell conscious shifting stories. It all comes from the love within the heart to create astonishing and life changing experiences through Art + Music + Technology.

Immersisve AudioVisual Performance — Watch It

Creating art to enhance the Human Experience. The focus is to thrive beyond. WILLPOWER STUDIOS uses Technology to create innovative mind blowing Cutting Edge Art to touch people through a captivating interaction, bringing all walks of life together.

Audiovisual Performance during Catwalk @ PLATOON KUNSTHALLE inBerlin

“What inspires me to create projects that unify different types of beings was seeing so many closing themselves off to others out of fear and conditioning. There is so much classism, racism, sexism, egoism, and other isms, that it is time for us to realize… we are one.

Eternal Love”

Coding in openFrameworks

“The work is made via Creative Coding… Software Engineering to create Interactive Audiovisual Immersive Experiences.”

Creative Coding is the use of Code or Programming in a Creative way, which differs from its typical use.

The image above this text shows what coding a Graphic User Interface in openFrameworks (oF) via a library named DatGui looks like.

oF is an open source C++ platform.

WILLPOWER LIFEFORCE focuses on using Open Source frameworks to create his Art. Open Source is free and allows people from all over the world to share information for free without the limiting affects of Patents & Copyrights, which tend to slow down growth, learning and sharing for the majority.

Immersive Audiovisual Performance @ Platoon in Berlin — Watch It


2017 // You Are One: Audiovisual Performance at Visual Reality — Santa Monica, California

2017 // Audiovisual Performance — Fashion Week, Studio183 — Berlin

2017 // Audio Performance using the first version of my Theremin at Spektrum — Berlin

2015 // AudioVisual Performance during Pop Up Fashion Berlin — Fashion Tech Festival in Berlin, Germany

2015 // Interactive Performance using MYO, WEAR IT Conference — Berlin

2015 // Live Hand Drawings, Meshcon / MakerFaire — Berlin

2015 // AudioVisual Performance during Pop Up Fashion Berlin Fashion Show at MLove Festival in Hamburg, Germany

2015 // WILLPOWER x TANK: An Immersive AudioVisual Performance at the Technical University of Berlin

2014 // OUT OF THIS WORLD at Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami.
2014 // VISUAL COMPOSER 2 at Lehman Theatre, Miami Dade College.
2014 // SOUND FOREST at NUMA, Paris.
2013 // UNIVERSAL BEINGS at LOFT, Downtown Los Angeles.
2009 // WILLPOWER — VOLUME 01 at Théatre de Verre, Paris.


2018 // Dimensions of Perception: Sound Reactive Audiovisual Projection @ BlnkEast — Los Angeles, California

2018 // Duality: Audiovisual Projection @ BlnkEast — Los Angeles, California

2017 // Forces of Light: An Immersive Audiovisual Projection for the Brewery Art Walk — Lincoln Heights, California

2016 // Fashion Week Berlin: Audiovisual Projection for Catwalk @ STUDIO183 — Berlin

2015 // Merkaba Activation, LUCID — Berlin

2015 // Glitch Your Face, Twilio — Berlin


2015 // Pixalized World at Studio183 — Berlin

2015 // Multi-Dimensions, A Sound Reactive Wall Sculpture at Studio183 — Berlin

2015 // Digital Mirrors during Catwalk, POP UP Shop Berlin

2015 // The Uppa, POP UP Shop Berlin

2014 // The Unda at Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami

2014 // SOUND FOREST at NUMA, Paris.

2014 // I AM HERE at Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami

2013 // ASCENSION at Eyebeam, New York City.

2013 // COLOR WARRIORS at Yo Amo 305, Miami.

2011 // I LIVE MY VISION at D301 Projects, Venice — California.

2011 // EAT ON IT at l’Edito, Paris.

2009 // WILLPOWER | VOLUME 01 at Theatre de Verre, Paris.

2008 // LINE FLOW at Catherine Slip Art Space, New York City.

2007 // GRAD SHOW at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena — California.


2015 // Winner of Hack + Tell Berlin

2007 // Finalist of Adobe Design Awards


2018 // Talk about Creative Coding for VR — College of X, Berlin

2017 // Intro to openFrameworks — HQ, Los Angeles

2015 // Open Source Conference — Berlin

Sound Reactive + Hand Controlled Lighting Structure — Watch It


2015 // Tech Berlin Interview of my Immersive AudioVisual Performances

2015 // TU BERLIN

2014 // Laundromat Thief

2014 // Leap Motion

2013 // Natology

2011 // The Creators Project

2010 // Beware Mag

2010 // Zeutch

2010 // Pattern + Texture by Essence


2009 // Style Noir

2008 // muse

2007 // Adobe

2007 // Art Center

Built Structure for Interactive Projection Mapping by WILLPOWER LIFEFORCE //

In his Studio Creating while wearing a hat from his clothing brand Rhythmik Flow

Clothing Brand Rhythmik Flow — By WILLPOWER LIFEFORCE

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Audiovisual Performance @ PLATOON — Berlin