WILLPOWER STUDIOS @ The Brewery Art Walk

Oct 28, 2017 · 3 min read

Forces of Light — An Immersive Audiovisual Installation where we control the animation by moving our hands in the Air while making Live Sounds — for The Brewery Art Walk (Fall 2017) @ The Creative Technology Center

Video of the Immersive Audiovisual Interactive Experience

The important aspect of this installation was the use of the large space, in order to make it an immersive experience 🔊 📽

She is controlling the animation by moving her hands in the air

Giving people the freedom to control the animation by moving their hands in the air and making sounds, made it an interactive and fun moment.

As the visuals animate to sound, you could also just make sounds or let the music create the visuals

They were able to express themselves with their body as the brush drawing the animated visuals in front of them, in real-time.

He was an amazing performer using his arm as a a conductor would…

Making it an immersive installation creates an impactful emotional reaction.

Young to old, from child to elderly, people found themselves having fun, as the innocent child in them emerged in joy.

The Installation was created by Willpower LifeForce of WILLPOWER STUDIOS. He coded the software in Processing (open-source JAVA based language), animating visuals to the Leap Motion (infrared controller detecting the motion of human hands),and making it react to decibel levels via a microphone.

Willpower LifeForce is self-taught in code and organizes CreativeCodingLA, a Meetup gathering those using programming languages as forms of expression.

The title, Forces of Light represents the good in the Universe. They are Beings of Light & Love who work to bring balance to the Dark. Some are purely Angelic Beings while others live amongst the Darkness to have a positive impact, catalyzing change towards Unity in Diversity & Joy.

It was fun, learned a lot, met new beings.

Thank you to all of you who participated.
Big Thanks 2 Sana, Jen, Michael & Don.
Special thanks to the Creative Technology Center.
Shoutout to Charlie & Hector for poppin’ up !

Amazing colors generated by custom software by WILLPOWER STUDIOS

Thank you for watching and reading.

Love Infinite

~ Willpower LifeForce