I’m Tired Of Playing By The Rules, I Just Want To Love You

Strange you mentioned text messages etc.

Someone older than me once called my generation the “instant gratification generation” and now we have the “miscommunication generation.” We can instantly contact and send our thoughts, our words, our feelings all within an instant, technology is truly amazing but we often forget the human element.

When does that text arrive? how is that other person feeling when they receive it? Who is looking over their shoulder and commenting? Are our words understood? Is the meaning lost?

As we have become a disposable society with an ever hunger for consumption have our personal relationships become the same?

Before instant communications that we have today we had time to evaluate, time to think, to feel differently and to consider.

Before a man bought a razor for life now he buys a pack,he’ll only use each one once and discard without concern because there’s always more.

I wonder where it will all lead?

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