Is Google Analytics Right For You?

A Web Analytics Tool For All

If you ask just about anyone in business, you are guaranteed to hear some talk about data. So, why is data so important? Data is now essentially the foundation that businesses formulate decisions on.

But, to even begin to use this data, you need a program that will help you interpret and develop insights! This is where Google Analytics really shines.

This blog will touch on a few strengths and weaknesses of Google Analytics.

Source: Google Analytics Branding


  • Google Analytics Academy: Google wants its users to succeed and it provides the resources to do so. Google Analytics Academy is a free training tool provided to users to learn the foundation of the program. At the end of the academy, there is the option to take a test and become Google Analytics IQ Certified.
  • Easy Data Collection: When you sign up for Google Analytics, you will be provided with a unique tracking code (aka UA tracking code) to be placed on your website. This will allow Google to track and import user data from your website straight into Google Analytics.
  • Custom Dashboards and Reports: Google allows users to customize the widgets used and seen on a personalized dashboard. Using this dashboard, you are able to generate reports that cater to the metrics that are important to your business.


  • Freemium!: This is both a strength and a weakness. Google Analytics offers its services free of charge. However, there is a charge for its premium level access which provides more granular reporting and analytics. For most users, the free version is suitable for their needs, but it might not be forever.
  • Limited Widgets: Google Analytics offers the ability to create custom reports, however, its use is constrained. There is a maximum of only 12 widgets per dashboard.

These are just a few of the strengths and weaknesses of Google Analytics. To learn more about the program, please visit the analytics website.