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Social Listening — Hootsuite

In the current digital space, social media is king. There aren’t any if, and’s, or but’s about it — its the norm. Alongside the rise of social media, many tools and softwares have been developed to maximize its’ abilities.

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What Is Social Listening?

According to SproutSocial, “social listening is the process of tracking conversations around specific phrases, words or brands, and leveraging them to discover new opportunities” (SproutSocial). With social listening, opportunities are discovered through identifying and analyzing key parts of media.

How Is Social Listening Used?

Social listening can be accomplished through a variety of tools available on the web. Examples of tools that can be used include: Hootsuite, TweetReach, and Klout to just name a few. However, this post will be focused on Hootsuite.

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What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows individuals, organizations, and businesses to manage multiple accounts through one simple dashboard. Hootsuite offers a variety of features which caters to the multiple functions and aspects of social media — analytics, scheduled posts, social listening, and many more.

How Is Hootsuite Useful?

Depending on the social media function being accomplished, Hootsuite probably has something to help. One example, is a feature used to help aggregate data. In my experience, this can be done in two ways.

  1. Adding a New Stream: A stream is essentially a live feed for any given social media account you create it for. Within any feed, lets say for a Twitter account, you can make it dedicated to a specific user, or a keyword(s). Creating individual streams for specific users such as industry experts, allows for the constant update of information in one screen — the Hootsuite Dashboard. The same can be done with key words and phrases to segment the information on the dashboard.
  2. Geolocating: Geolocating is targeting a specific location using longitude and latitude coordinates. Pairing this feature alongside a keyword search can prove to be invaluable. An example of a potential use is geolocating a specific area, where a conference of experts in digital marketing might be held. You can then keyword search for any relevant topic and find users at that location tweeting about it.

How do you find out about the latest developments in your field? Or, have any other favourite social media managment platforms in mind? Let me know what they are in the comment section below.