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Hola a todos! Having worked in Mexico for the past year, visited Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and worked with Mexicans, Colombians, and Brazilians, I’ve witnessed the tech growth in LATAM. Between research and firsthand experience on the ground, I believe there are 5 key forces driving the recent growth and years to come.

Happy Holidays,节日快乐, Felices Fiestas! During the holidays, I’ve been asked why I joined 滴滴 DiDi with projects across China and Latin America. So in the spirit of reflection, here are some of my thoughts and hopefully it’ll inspire others who are interested in similar paths in 2019.

When I graduated from HBS, I had been incredibly lucky enough to have traveled to 36 countries. With every new country I visited, I felt like I inherited a piece of the culture. Though I’m proud to be a U.S. citizen, I actually felt more comfortable with the idea of being a global citizen. Because the U.S. has such great opportunities, my next job would naturally default in the States, and I didn’t think I was being intentional enough about location. …

After visiting Hangzhou’s famous West Lake, I began to look for food, and I decided to look up Alibaba’s first 盒马 Hema store in Hangzhou. Then I spent the better part of the evening running around in this food playground.

Alibaba already opened around 60 Hema stores, and plan to open hundreds and even thousands in all goes well in the coming years. Below is a tour of my experience, and at the end are three ways how I believe it’s redefining retail:

  1. Mobile experience merges both offline and online to provide maximum convenience for customers, capturing traditionally offline data for better…

Goodbye summer, and hello still sunny weather! After graduating from HBS this past May, I decided to spend the summer being a tourist in my hometown and reconnecting with friends, places, and experiences in LA. I ended up learning about their passions, their industries, and their thoughts on the LAtest trends. I especially enjoyed wandering around their chill-tech office, which revealed a lot about their culture. After learning from 20 of the fastest growing tech companies across major industries, I’m long on LA tech because of the following key reasons:

  1. Recent home run exits and influx of institutional and industry-specific capital to seed and grow the next tech…

Disclaimer: This article reflects my views and does not represent those of HBS. Original post here.

It’s been almost three years since I applied to business schools, and I still painfully remember how much time and planning it took to gather GMAT/GRE, recommendation letters, essays just to have a shot at getting in. Believe me, I truly empathize what you are going through. The stars aligned for me and I’m grateful for my experience, and I’d like to pay it forward by providing some insights on intangible data that’s usually sanitized on most schools’ website. …

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I’m taking a break from reading cases to write about a few thoughts in my first month. I can’t help but to imagine that I’m in Baker Library, sitting on the same leather chair on which Jamie Dimon or Sheryl Sandberg may have sat when they were cramming cases. In the world of instant media of FB, IG, and SC, I’m hoping this slower form gives a more balanced view of what I’m actually thinking.

As I take my first step onto campus, I’m staring at tall grand rustic buildings etched with names that are probably world leaders such as Bloomberg and Spangler. Words that come to mind are power, leadership, politics, money, and global. First day I walk into my section classroom, I already see my namecard “Wilson Kyi” in font size 50 bold. Looking across the theater-like room, I see namecards I could barely pronounce such as “Gregorio Colaci” and “Maciej Stański.” It’s diverse in every sense; in addition to banking, consulting, private equity, CPG, my section mates worked in public sector, marines, healthcare from England, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Nigeria, and the list goes on. It feels like a UN meeting, and every detail from class schedule to the section-mates is precisely planned. …


Wilson Kyi

DiDi 🌎 | Startup Advisor | @Square @USC @HarvardHBS

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