The number 1 step to becoming an entrepreneur

The most important step in an entrepreneur’s journey

Are you ready to make the Decision?

Many people say to me “You were so fortunate to have the mentors that you did to get to where you got to”. I reply, “No, you have it all wrong”. We work in a universal intelligence environment. The reality is if you are not receiving that kind of help, it simply means the student is not ready, so the master will not appear.

What is really interesting, is the minute I was ready and had enough of being where I was, all of a sudden the right individuals turned up, to put light and texture into the journey that I was always meant to take.

The first point in your journey is you deciding that you are ready. And I mean making a decision and taking massive action that very second, which cements the fact that you are done with who you were yesterday.

There is a great saying…

“I woke up one morning and decided that I could not live like that anymore. And so I changed.”

When these moments occur, they are similar to when in a good or bad relationship, when saying, “I do” or saying, “it’s over”, they are defining moments.

I cannot make those decisions for another, just like I could not make it for myself. There was enough pain that I simply said, “I just cannot live like this anymore”.

And that is where many people get it wrong. The first point is a decision point, and until you don’t make a decision on your own life, do not expect God, or the Universe, or whatever faith you have, to bring to you the resources, the individuals, the mentors, the architecture or the direction that you need to receive in order to take you to where you need to go.

Step one is giving out that message, the message that “I am ready”. And being ready means:

1- I am ready to make a decision,

2- I am ready to take whatever action is required, and

3- I am ready to become who i need to become in order to receive what i need to receive.

Nothing gets me more excited, from a teachers perspective, to see that in peoples eyes, because you know that once it goes click, everything has changed in their world.

Have you made your decision yet?

Comment below and let me know when you made your decision to become an entrepreneur. And if you haven’t, comment below and tell me how can I assist you making that decision?

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