3 digital tools that can change your campaign!

How campaigns are using these tools to help win big.

Aug 6, 2018 · 3 min read

1. Relay:

Relay is at the forefront of mass mobile outreach, allowing users to upload a list of contacts, send out personalized texts and respond to individuals, and collect data. While this might seem like something anyone could do over their phone, where Relay’s streamlined platform really shines is its on scalability. A favorite example of Relay’s is how a civil rights group texted over 275,000 supporters, receiving a 38% reply rate and a 16% attending rate. These numbers would take hundreds of people and thousands of hours to achieve through traditional methods, making Relay a no-brainer for campaigns wanting to increase their efficiency.

2. VoterCircle:

VoterCircle adds a personal touch to reaching constituents. The way it works is that users upload their contact book and send out personal messages to their friends, asking them to vote for a specific candidates. VoterCircle then maps these friends, only sending out messages to those who are based in the candidate’s district. From there, it allows potential constituents to reply and pass on the message, allowing VoterCircle to identify key social influencers. With enough influencers on your side, a candidate can swing an election — especially if they’re on the down ballot. All the while, VoterCircle provides key metrics to the campaign about the effectiveness of their outreach.

3. Flipgrid

Flipgrid is where activism, education, and social media collide. A campaign can create their own grid, which is a media feed of videos — anything from debates to Q&A’s. It’s an easy to use tool, one which promotes user engagement. Staffers, volunteers, and constituents have the ability to upload their own videos on your grid. Got a recent endorsement from a congressmen in your neighboring district? Put it on Flipgrid. Made an honest connection with a voter in town? Let them upload their own video saying they earned their vote. Powering this is a simple to use app available on your phone and computer that can work anywhere.

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