A Fast Start for RunTogether

Campaigns are Rushing to Sign Up

WinDEM’s RunTogether program is off to an explosive start. Thirty-four congressional campaigns have already registered, and the RunTogether team is sending out their first $2,700 checks this week. That’s over $90,000 going straight to Democratic campaigns — a strong first step towards WinDEM’s goal of making democracy work again.

RunTogether works by funding Democratic congressional campaigns based on two criteria:

  • How well they collaborate with state and local candidates; and
  • How effectively they deploy the latest technologies.

All the while, WinDEM will track campaigns’ success based on the above metrics.

The team behind RunTogether has already experienced breakout success in the 2017 Virginia state elections. As Virginia Delegate Schuyler VanValkenburg put it, the team behind RunTogether “provided outside of the box campaign ideas and then backed them up with resources, incentives, and the support necessary to implement them. They allowed our campaign to expand outside of the traditional model and tactics without taking unnecessary risks”.

With such a strong pedigree and enthusiasm among Democratic candidates and campaigns they’re supporting, WinDEM seems poised to repeat their success on a national level.

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