For Country, For Family.

On the face of it, Andy Kim seems like your traditional political candidate. A gifted student who eventually became a Rhodes Scholar, Andy devoted his life to serving his country. Andy eventually became a national security expert, serving in Afghanistan under General Petraeus and General Allen, before later joining the Obama White House as a counterterrorism advisor. On paper, Andy Kim seems like he was groomed for public office. Well spoken, fiercely intelligent, and with a defense background that many Democrats would kill for, it seems like Andy spent his whole life preparing for his first foray into politics. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The day was April 25th, 2017 when the news struck: Tom MacArthur had just introduced an amendment to the House floor that would allow for states to waive Obamacare’s ban on pre-existing conditions. Now insurance providers had the option to charge more for pre-existing conditions, raising insurance premiums for many of the most vulnerable in society. To add insult to injury, MacArthur made to sure that such changes would not influence Congress’ own insurance plan. Their premiums, pre-existing conditions or not, would stay the same. The amendment passed — this despite the fact that 70% of Americans disagreed with it — and was called the MacArthur Amendment.

What Tom MacArthur didn’t predict, though, was the impact such an amendment would have on families in his own district, New Jersey’s 3rd. One of those families was Andy’s. After the birth of his second child, Andy and his wife received some horrible news: their child might not make it to one due to a possible genetic condition. The news was heartbreaking, but it also underscored a basic fact for Andy: his government had failed him and his family. Andy decided to change that. Andy mounted his run for office.

Unsurprisingly, at the front and center of Andy Kim’s campaign isn’t his impressive credentials but rather his own story. It’s one that has been mirrored across time and generations. One that is as recognizable in Andy’s own parents as it is in any other American family. It’s a simple story of a parent worried for the future of his children. And that story, it seems, is resonating. The latest Monmouth polling shows that Andy is only down a single point from MacArthur. With November still a long way out and momentum on his side, Andy looks one step closer to making a brighter future for his children.