Meet Colin Allred

Every politician has their own story of adversity.

For Colin Allred, the Democratic congressional nominee for North Texas’ 32nd district and former linebacker, adversity takes on a very real form. After a life-threatening neck injury in the NFL, Colin devoted himself to improving the lives of American people.

His devotion to the improvement of public education was taught to him from an early age from his mom, who was a teacher in Dallas public schools for nearly 30 years and a single mother. As the son of a teacher, Colin understands that guaranteeing a quality education for every child is critical in helping them achieve success. In high school, Colin was an All-Star athlete before earning a full ride scholarship to Baylor University. Colin signed with the Tennessee Titans as a free agent and played the better part of five seasons in the NFL before suffering a life-threatening neck injury.

But this was just the beginning of Colin’s career. Going back to school, he attended the University of California Berkeley School of Law and became a civil rights attorney and voting rights litigator. From there, he acted as special assistant in the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of General Counsel, helping to ensure accessible, affordable housing to all Americans. “I was never the biggest, the fastest, or the strongest,” Allred said in a video released to announced his campaign. “I’ve had to outwork everyone my whole life. And that’s the same commitment I’ll bring to Congress.”

Now, Colin Allred is a rising star of the Texas Democratic party. Allred’s youth and personal story appear to have made up for an initial lack of traditional campaign resources. Allred lagged behind his Democratic opponents in cash for a year and didn’t air a single TV ad before finishing ahead of them all in the first-round primary in March. He now faces the 10-term U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions, who has repeatedly ignored the voices of the 32nd district. “For too long, the people of this district have not had a choice,” Allred said. “He’s played on our divisions. He’s told us that it’s someone else’s fault. He’s tried to pit us against each other. No more. We are Texans, we are Americans and we are in this together.”

Colin is fighting to empower and protect the communities he grew up in by improving public education, encouraging economic growth, ensuring access to quality health care for all, and protecting our civil rights and liberties. Colin truly believes that his story reflects less what is special about him and more about what makes our country special. Colin’s story shouldn’t be the exception. If you work hard and play by fair rules, every Texan should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. That’s why Colin is running for Congress.