Embodying Colorado’s Values

Diane Mitsch has worn many hats in her life: she’s worked as a professor and researcher, holding a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Minnesota; she’s spent time on the slopes of Colorado as an avid skier; and she worked ten years as a rural county planning commissioner. But amongst all her achievements, there’s one that makes Diane truly stand out; during her time in the Colorado House of Representatives, Diane Bush was an effective legislator known for her ability to work across the aisle.

Diane has a series legislative victories under her belt that demonstrates her keen understanding of Colorado’s identity. She’s consistently been on the side of small business, which has helped propel Colorado to the economic powerhouse it is today, without sacrificing her environmentalist ideals. A quick look at her voting record bears this out: she’s simplified the permitting process for small businesses; she’s given subsidies for farmers and ranchers; and she’s created renewable energy standards. With this impressive list of accomplishments, it’s little surprise that Diane was voted the Most Effective Freshman Legislator in 2013 by Colorado Capitol Watch, or that she was named Legislator of the Year three separate times.

Underlying all of Diane’s policy positions is a core empathy for her constituents. Listening to Diane tell it, this empathy is part and parcel of her upbringing. Diane was raised by a single mother in a time where such circumstances were even harder than they are today. She remembers vividly what it was like to struggle to survive — from unemployment to wage discrimination to payday lenders. But Diane’s mother always emphasized helping others first — a message that has followed Diane to this day. And perhaps that message is finally gaining traction. According to FiveThirtyEight, Diane’s district — Colorado’s 3rd — is now only leaning Republican, with Diane edging closer.