Ken Harbaugh is running for the U.S House representing Ohio’s 7th Congressional District

Ken has spent a lifetime in service to his country. He grew up in a military family, the son and grandson of Air Force combat pilots. When it was his turn, Ken joined the Navy, and led reconnaissance missions in the Middle East and off of North Korea. He became a leading advocate for military veterans, most recently serving as President of Team Rubicon Global, an aid organization that has trained more than 45,000 military veterans to deploy to natural disasters in the U.S. and around the world. Ken has always put his country first. Ken will stand up for working Ohioans by:

  1. Ensuring every Ohioan has access to affordable healthcare

Our Congress must work together to bring these costs down. Let’s allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices so we can pass those savings on to hardworking Ohioans. Congress should vote on a bipartisan bill to fund the health insurance markets. They should be fixing health care rather than taking it away from people, including preserving Medicare for our seniors.

2. Bringing good-paying jobs back to Ohio

Ken stands with Ohio’s workers in rejecting Right to Work, so that our laborers can earn fair pay for a day’s work and the financial security to provide for their families. We must rebuild our roads, bridges, schools, and power lines. These projects should be contracted to Ohio companies, the work should be done by Ohio workers using Ohio steel, and the outcome will be a stronger Ohio for our children and grandkids. And let’s get rid of tax loopholes for corporations that ship jobs overseas.

3. Leading the charge to combat the opioid crisis

We must take immediate steps to treat people suffering from addiction and prevent new crises from forming. Currently, only 10% of Americans addicted to opioids have access to treatment. There are programs in this country that have proven an ability to prevent relapse after an overdose. We need to replicate those programs and create others using similar models, so that everyone who needs treatment receives it without delay.

4. Guaranteeing that Congress lives up to promises made to our veterans

We owe a debt of service to our veterans. That includes providing timely medical care, unfettered access to mental health services, and continuing education benefits. For service members transitioning back to civilian life, we must value them as assets to their communities, not liabilities. Most of all, we cannot allow families of the fallen to shoulder their burdens alone. We must eliminate the “widows’ tax,” and we must do it now. Families who have lost a loved one in the line of duty deserve the full range of

promised benefits.

5. Providing a high-quality education to our children

We need to invest in our children’s places of learning. Our teachers need our support, and our schools need to be upgraded. Ken supports making community college more affordable. The government and predatory lenders must stop profiting off student loans. We should simplify the process and index Pell grants to inflation to stop pay increases.

Ken earned his Bachelor of Science from Duke University, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Summa cum Laude and was a Lord Rothermere Scholar at Oxford University. In Navy flight school, he made the Commodore’s list, and was the top Navy graduate from advanced pilot training. He flew in support of Operations Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan), Southern Watch, and others, and held a Top Secret (TS/SCI) clearance. Following his Naval service, Ken earned his Juris Doctor at Yale Law School, where he travelled to Afghanistan as a human rights consultant. While at Yale, he founded the Yale Law Veterans Association, and co-founded The Mission Continues, a nationally prominent veterans service organization that empowers military veterans to continue serving their communities through a structured fellowship and mentoring program. Over the past 15 years, Ken has become a leading authority on veterans reintegration issues, and a sought after commentator on civilian-military affairs. Ken continues to write and advocate on behalf of military veterans, and is the author of the memoir, Here Be Dragons. He lives in Avon, Ohio, with his wife, Annmarie, and their three children.