Tabitha Isner is running to become the Congresswoman for the Second Congressinal District of Alabama.

Her political views are firmly tied to her faith — the idea that we are called to feed the hungry and care for the sick and liberate the captive. She believes that we do better by our children and families when we support abundant life for all rather than fearing that there isn’t enough to go around.

With Masters of Divinity and Public Policy degrees from the University of Chicago as well as a Bachelor’s degree from Washington University in St. Louis, Tabitha has worked in higher education and also for a refugee settlement agency. She has spent most of her career as a researcher and policy maker in the field of early childhood education. She was working full-time as a business analyst for a software company that builds web-based applications to support the child care and early learning workforce prior to launching her campaign. She considers it a blessing to know that her work benefits those underpaid heroes who work long hours to ensure that our children get a solid start on life.

Here’s what Tabitha stands for:

  • Keeping our promises to seniors and those with disabilities by refusing to cut Social Security and Medicare, including negotiating with drug corporations to lower Medicare Rx costs and eliminating tax loopholes so everyone pays fairly into Social Security and Medicare.
  • Lowering the cost of healthcare by increasing access to and use of preventative medicine, expanding access to medical care in rural communities and maintaining coverage for pre-existing conditions provided for in the ACA. Our hospitals need Medicaid expansion to survive. It’s time to stop talking about Medicaid as a handout and instead recognize it as an investment in rural healthcare.
  • Treating mental health care as a matter of life and death. All health insurance should cover mental health treatment.
  • Standing up for our military veterans by insisting that they get excellent and timely healthcare for body and mind, even it means we have to slow down our military spending. She wants the VA fully funded and opposes any efforts to privatize the system, saying she would see it as an attempt to cut funding for the VA.
  • Fighting for government transparency so that we can make sure our taxes are being spent on programs that can prove they work. As your Congresswoman, Tabitha pledges to make the inner workings of government more accessible to every citizen and to fight against backroom deals and hidden agendas.
  • Making it easier to raise a family in this country by guaranteeing access to contraception, high-quality prenatal care, paid parental leave and affordable, high-quality child care.
  • Investing in high-quality public schools and making education our top priority.
  • Giving the workers in this country a pay raise. She will fight for fair wages.
  • Fighting for equal protection under the law and against the violation of any citizen’s rights, and Refusing to punish immigrants who are seeking asylum.

For Tabitha, it’s very important that she can stand behind the things that she has said and be proud of the example that she’s setting for her children and community. To quote Tabitha, “If I am spewing vitriol, if I am encouraging division, if I am encouraging families to be torn apart because of partisan talking points, I feel shame. And, I think Congress should be ashamed of itself for breeding the kind of negative public discourse that has become so commonplace.” Tabitha believes we have to stand up for kindness and decency, even toward people with whom we disagree vehemently, and protect the rights and the well-being of all our children, even when we think their troubles are of their own making.

Tabitha and her husband, Shane, are the adoptive parents of one son and have also served as foster parents.