Apps you can integrate with on our preferred email service provider (ESP)

Our preferred email service provider for our clients is Campaign Monitor, which for a long time has been seen as representing the industry standard in email marketing software, winning over companies with its reliability, innovation and branding opportunities. Added to that list of attributes should certainly be versatility, and the number of apps that can now be integrated with Campaign Monitor is now over the 200 mark. Here we look at some of the most popular apps for Campaign Monitor, and how they work with the software:


Send your Shopify data through to Campaign Monitor via the app, which allows you to run targeted campaigns after a very easy setup process which doesn’t require coding. You can organise your campaigns by metrics related to Shopify, such as newsletter sign-ups and money spent.


This popular CRM tool now offers Campaign Monitor integration which allows you to market to your contacts, be they sales leads or existing customers. View your Campaign Monitor statistics within Salesforce and reap the benefits of aligning data from both platforms.


Blogs are at the forefront of many content marketing campaigns these days and you can grow your readership by transferring your blog sign-ups directly onto your email marketing contact list with the use of this app.

Google Analytics

For many, Google Analytics is the way we have become accustomed to seeing our back end data presented, and for this reason being able to catch up on all your email marketing stats in the same place as visitor data makes all the sense in the world. It’s also very handy to track what your recipients are doing once they have clicked a link on your email and landed on your site. This can help you monitor your subscribers website behaviours and track conversions from your email campaigns.


Depending on your activities, Zapier might be the most useful of all Campaign Monitor apps in its role as an ‘enabler’. It talks to over 500 other apps and is capable of sending data between them and Campaign Monitor —, Highrise, Freshbooks and Capsule CRM, for example.

Get Feedback

Email marketing campaigns often play a lead role in spreading the word of surveys as far and wide as possible, upping participation levels. The Get Feedback app allows you to build surveys using its user friendly software before sending via Campaign Monitor, including for mobile friendly versions.

If you’re looking for an email service provider that can integrate with your vital apps and create beautiful looking emails, then we highly recommend Campaign Monitor. And if you need help to create and implement an email marketing strategy that’s going give your business the attention it deserves, then we can help.