Guest post: stay on target, by Liam Bauckham

In the year 2000 Microsoft did a study which found that the average human attention span was just 12 seconds. 15 years later in 2015 they did the same study and the findings were not good. The average human attention span has dropped to just 8 seconds. Apparently the attention span of a goldfish is just 9 seconds….. let that sink in.

Any communications you put out, be that video, email, print etc needs to be able to compete with an ever shrinking attention span, which is constantly being bombarded with information from a variety of sources, each trying to grab and hold your attention. Every second counts, you need to trim the fat and refine your message to keep it clear, relevant and on target!

The trick to keeping your communications on target is to step back and detach from the content. This allows you to view it objectively and trim the unnecessary information. Be brutal! Whilst I was training as an editor the phrase “kill your babies” was thrown around. What sounds like a fairly shocking term basically, in essence means; be prepared to cut things you are attached to. Using my anecdote as an example; be prepared to cut a favourite shot/scene from the timeline, if it is not serving a purpose it needs to go. Some people are able to do this themselves, but most struggle with it. The majority of people/businesses need someone who can cast an objective eye over the business/organisation and create communications that say exactly what they need to say and nothing more.

In short when creating content for your business; detach, be brutal and stay on target.

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