Inside Marc’s head: Get your basic needs covered (2 min read)

I was listening to Gary Vaynerchuk’s talk at SXSW on the way home from the office today and there was one response he had to a question which really struck a chord with me… We hear it all the time from Instagram philosophists but there’s the undeniable inevitability that we’re all going to die! Yes, we’re all going to die so take action when you’re on this earth and make the most of it.

I was recently doing a talk at YENA and one of the pieces of advice I gave was to get your basic needs covered… and you can risk the rest. It’s at this point I’ll reference Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and the bottom of that pyramid… Basic needs.

It’s different for everyone. For some it’s a mortgage, kids, bills, etc., etc,. For others it’s literally just some kind of social life… or transport. When I started Winbox, my basic needs were rent, food and football (two of those things I love, the other not so much). To get these needs covered I got an evening and weekend job in B&Q. Now I’m useless at DIY… and anything practical to be honest (book smart) so me selling kitchens and bathrooms wasn’t the way I seen my career going when I graduated from University, googly eyed, with a first in Marketing. However, it was necessary to fund my ambition of starting and growing my own business.

So I challenge you all… work out what your basic needs are, and have the bottle to risk the rest to achieve whatever it is you want to do on this earth. You don’t really need that nice watch, or wider TV. Cover your basic needs and have fun with the rest doing what you love.

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Originally published at on March 21, 2016.

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